What people say:

“I was actually the one who gave this piece its first read, and it made my day! So ambitious and at the same time so skillfully handled, with truly beautiful imagery and language. We always love a metaphysical, soul-hopping piece here at Conjunctions.”
—Linnea Marik, Managing Editor, Conjunctions, on Scenarium

“Astonishing…one of the most extraordinary tales, with the best prose, I’ve seen.”
—Karen Russell, author of Swamplandia! and Vampires in the Lemon Grove, on Half Moon

“It's an astonishing piece of writing, and we were impressed over and over again by the way you wove the elements together—current US politics, a fabulist writer, covert operatives, the ghost of a Marine. We're excited to be able to present this to our readers.”
—Carolyn Kuebler, Editor, New England Review, on Banquo's Ghost

“We think it's brilliant and gets better and better with each read. We love it!”
—Mary Pauline Lowry, Associate Editor, The Idaho Review, on The Apocalypse, with Breath Mints

“A Brief and Necessary Madness' may be the best over-the-transom submission that I've read in nearly fifteen years.”
—Dan Lehman, Co-Editor, River Teeth

“I enjoyed immensely the movement of time, its voice, the shape and resonance of the piece.”
—Bret Lott, Nonfiction Editor, Crazyhorse, on Secrets of Kirby Hall

“We found the stories inventive and gripping, and the prose style masterful.”
—Jim Cihlar, Publisher, Howling Bird Press, on Smash and Grab: Love Stories

“Our Editors are all enamored with your voice…we are honored to publish this fine story.”
—Alexis Schaitkin, Fiction Editor, Meridian, on The Goat's Eye

“I love your story, and we're all very proud to include it in TNG 2011. Tremendous stuff. You have such an ear for diction—my goodness. Wow!”
—Shanna McNair, Editor of The New Guard, on The Story You've Never Heard About Lattorial

“As soon as I began to read, I knew I was in the hands of a master of narrative.”
—Colin Wilson in the preface to the latest UK editions of Unsolved

“A solid fix for crime addicts—thought through with Holmesian passion.”
—Review of Unsolved in Kirkus

“Well written and well researched…highly recommended. (The) wry writing makes this a superior anthology.”
—Review of Unsolved in Booklist

“Wilson documents ten fabulous crimes in his well-researched account. A provocative, probing work.”
—Review of Unsolved in Library Journal

“A fabulous book…these masterfully recounted stories are alternately fascinating, surprising, suspenseful.”
—Review of Unsolved in the Times Record News

“The language is always exact…with the intensity of a high powered lens.”
—Review of The Early Word in Open Places

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